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The new MINI Convertible is back with a thirst for more thrills. With a sleeker design, go-kart handling and smart technology, it’s ready for next-level open-air adventure.

Adventurers are always prepared for anything. That’s why safety comes first in the new MINI Convertible. A new invisible rollover crash system is the latest addition to an array of features that protect you and your fellow passengers. Letting you focus on seizing the moment.

exterior design.

There’s no doubt about it – the new MINI Convertible is a smooth operator. Slightly longer yet agile proportions create a more streamlined silhouette that’s accentuated by a precisely defined roofline. It’s sleek all round.

interior design.

When it’s nice out, why wait to take it all in? Quick and quiet, the new electrical hood mechanism means you can get a full view in just 18 seconds – even when you’re driving. It’s also a full soft top that keeps its options open; especially now you can opt for the MINI Yours Union Jack design. A 3-in-1 convertible roof, it can be up, down or used as sunroof, opening a gap of around 40 cm to let in the breeze.


design in detail.

Take a closer look at the new MINI Convertible. Touching permitted

stay connected.

Cutting-edge technology meets MINI spirit: this is the sociable sidekick to your driving adventures.

safety first.

Adventurers are always prepared for anything. That’s why safety comes first in the new MINI Convertible. A new invisible rollover crash system is the latest addition to an array of features that protect you and your fellow passengers. Letting you focus on seizing the moment.

invisible rollover system.

The new invisible rollover crash system in the rear belt outlet, disguised by elegant Matt Black caps, opens within a fraction of a second in an emergency to protect passengers. It’s a hidden lifesaver.

run-flat tyres.

With MINI’s runflat tyres, a puncture won’t result in a blowout. Runflat technology allows you to keep driving on a flat tyre at speeds of up to 80 km/h. The reinforced side walls are made of a heat-resistant rubber, while special rim geometry stops the pressure-less tyre from slipping off, even on bends.

parking assistant.

The optional Parking Assistant makes parallel parking a walk in the park – pun of course intended. It sizes up the available parking space to see if you could actually fit. If the answer is yes, then just sit back with a smug look on your face, as your MINI parks itself for you. All you need to do is apply the brakes when you're parked perfectly.

driving assistant.

You always know what's coming with MINI's optional Driving Assistant package. The Forward Collision Warning system helps prevent accidents by warning you if the speed difference between your MINI and the traffic ahead is too high, or if the car in front is getting too close. It pre-conditions the brakes for faster response and shorter stopping distances should the need suddenly arise.

The City Collision Mitigation system pre-empts sudden changes in urban traffic speed and slows down the car accordingly. Even if you’re momentarily distracted, the new MINI never is.

active pedestrian safety.

The Active Pedestrian Protection system reduces injury to pedestrians should you ever collide with someone on the street. Upon impact the bonnet lifts up, minimising the pedestrian’s injuries.

video adaptive cruise control.

With the optional Adaptive Dynamic Cruise Control, you can go with the traffic flow, even when the roads are busy or you’re travelling downhill. A camera detects vehicles driving in front of you up to a distance of 120m. It recognises static objects and pedestrians, and also automatically adapts your speed to that of the traffic ahead. Feel free to take back control at any time by applying the breaks or stepping on the accelerator.

high-tech steels.

High- and super-high-strength multi-phase steels. Super-high-strength heat shaped steels. If that doesn’t sound like something that could protect you, we don’t know what does. Reducing weight to a minimum, but increasing strength to a maximum these heavy-duty materials are designed for one purpose only: keeping you safe in the event of an accident.

welcome to the club.

Make the new MINI Convertible even more of a headturner. Sleeker and smarter, just add your personal style to guarantee it gets noticed. Throw out the rulebook: it's time to get creative with a large choice of exterior and interior accessories.

Light-alloy wheels.

You can tell a lot by a man's wheels. Light-alloy wheels will give your MINI that extra personality to match your own.

exterior design.

People judge by appearances. So why not deck out the exterior with these MINI-only accessories?

interior design.

True style comes from within. With MINI's interior accessories, you can bring as much style as you can bear.

music & electronic.

Cruise to your favourite tracks with MINI music and electronic accessories. After all, driving without music is like dining without a good wine.

luggage & leisure.

Get out of town. With rear carriers, boot trays and MINI luggage, there's no excuses not to go on that weekend getaway.

cleaning & Care.

Nothing beats the smell of a brand new car. Keep that showroom shine and scent alive with MINI's cleaning products.

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