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The new MINI Clubman is more versatile than ever. It´s the MINI for all occasions, doing everything with panache and verve. Of course, the most important feature in the MINI Clubman is you. Intelligent Driving Assist features act instantly on impact and ensure that safety is priority number one. So you can feel secure wherever the MINI Clubman takes you.

exterior design.

New design lines add even more flair to the distinctive MINI character with striking front, side and rear spoilers. And an extended roofline embraces the extra dimensions onboard heartily - complemented by unique body colours. MINI icons such as the hexagonal grille, side scuttles and big round lights at the front are given a fresh and funky twist. While the familiar Clubman Split Doors at the rear are now surrounded by broad shoulders and horizontal lights for an athletic stance. On top, the illuminated fin antenna on the roof definitely brings out the high in Highlight.

interior design.

The new MINI Clubman is longer and wider than the previous model – and what it’s gained, it uses wisely. The extra space accommodates the introduction of five seats, extra rear legroom and a bigger boot, as well as a super flexible 40:20:40 rear-seat split. Fittingly, the new centre console takes centre stage, gladly utilising extra space freed up by the use of an Electric Parking brake. It’s all gain, and no pain.

the clever driving approach.

Of course, the most important feature in the MINI Clubman is you. Intelligent Driving Assist features act instantly on impact, and ensure that safety is priority number one. So you can feel secure wherever the MINI Clubman takes you.

electric parking brake.

The new MINI Clubman likes to break with convention, so you can say goodbye to the humble but bulky handbrake. Electric Parking brake allows you to just press a button and the brakes will be activated every time you stop, park or have to make a hill start. So you can always start with confidence whether you’re in the Alps or Amsterdam.

luggage compartment net.

Sometimes the simple things matter most. And if you need to brake hard, the invaluable net protects passengers in the cabin from anything going freestyle in the luggage compartment.

parking assistant.

In the new MINI Clubman you'll always want to make the perfect entrance. So, Parking Assistant sizes up available parking spaces before taking charge of the wheel to make short work of tight spots. All you have to do is apply a little throttle and the brakes.

forward collision warning.

This system pre-conditions the brakes for faster response and shorter stopping distances if the speed difference between you and the traffic ahead is too high, or if the car in front is getting too close. Proving your MINI is always looking out for you.

video adaptive cruise control.

City Collision Mitigation pre-empts sudden changes in urban traffic speed and slows down the car accordingly. Even if you’re momentarily distracted, the new MINI Clubman never is.

split-second airbags.

If disaster strikes, the MINI puts an instant wall of protection around you. Six airbags in the front and back deploy at once, along with side curtain airbags. The seat belt tensioners lock you tightly in place, keeping you and your passengers clear of the dashboard and front seats.

runflat types.

With optional runflat tyres on your MINI, a puncture won’t result in a blowout. Runflat technology allows you to keep driving on a flat tyre at speeds of up to 80 km/h. The reinforced side walls are made of heat-resistant rubber, while special rim geometry stops the pressureless tyre from slipping off, even on bends. You’ll be able to keep on driving to a place where you can change the tyre safely.


super-lightweight multi-phase steels protect you from external impact in the event of a collision.

stand out.

The large double headlights of the MINI Clubman are instantly recognisable as the essence of MINI, and feature LED daytime running lights. Not only do they make the MINI Clubman stand out, they make it noticed when it really matters.

your network with you wherever you go.

Like you, the new MINI Clubman is a social animal. It stays ahead of the curve by staying connected. The optional MINI Connected package links you up to social feeds, online music, driving information, in-car apps and much more, in a way that only MINI can do.

connect your device.

Don´t worry, we make it pretty easy to connect your device to your MINI. Use your standard Apple or Android Micro USB cable, or the optional MINI snap-in adapter. We´ll show you how.

only in a mini.

A MINI isn’t just a car. It’s a MINI. That’s why it’s packed with features you won’t find in any other car out there. Features like MINI Streetwise that allow you to keep tabs on your MINI from your mobile – where it is, how far you’ve driven, and more. Or Online Search that lets you find anything you need, from the nearest antique dealer to the nearest zoo, and anything in between. Then there are all the MINI Connected Ready Apps – just download what you need from the App Store, and your MINI’s off and running with all your favourite apps installed. Or how about the Calendar, which syncs with your smartphone and displays your appointments in the MINI Centre Instrument, so you can always stick to your plans? As well as the character and personality it’s always had, now your MINI has the smarts to match.

keep on moving.

Housed in the MINI Centre Instrument, the cutting-edge optional MINI Navigation System Professional keeps you right on track. For travel assistance from doorstep to destination, upgrade to MINI Connected XL Journey Mate. It’s a route planner, travel guide and calendar all rolled into one, and even informs you about traffic, weather, parking and much more. So it’s hard to go wildly astray, unless you really want to cut loose.


If the unfortunate happens, MINI is on hand to help. With the optional Intelligence Emergency Call, your MINI automatically sends a distress call to the our Call Centre with your position, direction of travel, and number of airbags activated. This is done to provide you with the help you need.

all systems go.

MINI Centre Instrument is the window to a world of technology features and online services. Housed in an iconic circular interface with a gorgeous high-resolution colour display.

This crystal-clear screen controls everything from entertainment and navigation, to the advanced technology of MINI Connected. Think music, social streams, driving information and in-car apps. Around the edge of the display runs an LED ring that flashes different colours to communicate different events. It’s the MINI’s beating heart.

keep a heads-up.

Keep your eyes on the road with the MINI Head-Up Display. A transparent panel rises up in front of the windscreen and projects driving data just below your view of the road. Checking information like speed or navigation prompts has never been easier.

go with the glow.

The LED ring around the MINI Centre Instrument changes colour in response to different events, like music volume, revving the engine, telephone calls and navigation prompts.

chill or thrill.

Switch up your drive. MINI Driving Modes adapt performance to match your mood. Just twist the ring around the shift gate to alter your MINI’s handling and responsiveness. Relaxed Sunday afternoon? Go GREEN for a softer experience, optimised for fuel efficiency. Need your nerves jangled? Jump into SPORT with ultra-responsive steering, acceleration and suspension.

clever maintenance.

Thanks to Teleservices, a MINI ensures health issues never go unnoticed. It knows when it needs fixing and automatically sends diagnostic data to your MINI service partner. Or you can make a call yourself to pre-empt any issues. Other benefits include ‘battery guard’ which notifies you by text or email if your battery is at a critical level. And ‘automatic breakdown call’ that allows you to call direct from your vehicle for instant diagnostic checks, in the case of any malfunction.

MINI Cooper Clubman

mini cooper

The MINI Cooper Clubman is ready to break out of the mould at a shattering speed thanks to its new 1499 cc engine with 100 kW at its command. So you can leave them all behind.

MINI Cooper S Clubman


The cutting-edge design of the Cooper S Clubman issues a statement of intent, but with a devistatingly quick 2-litre engine producing 141 kW, you can impress people when you rock up, and when you rock away again at super-quick speed.

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