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racing is in our blood.

Get the adrenaline flowing − with John Cooper Works models, tuning products and extras. And a hefty portion of motorsport feeling thrown in for good measure.

live and breathe that racing feeling.

Get the adrenaline flowing − with John Cooper Works models, tuning products and extras. And a hefty portion of motorsport feeling thrown in for good measure.


partners for life.

the john cooper works story.

success redefined: year after year after year.

Together with his father Charles, John Cooper set up the Cooper Car Company in 1946. Starting with simple, inexpensive single-seat racers for Formula 3, their first ever race car, the Cooper 500, soon proved to be a success on the track. The Coopers stepped up to Formula 1 construction, with their mid-mounted engine concept in 1955 setting ground-breaking new standards in the motorsport world − borne out by the Cooper-Climax winning both the Formula One Constructors' and Drivers' titles in 1959 and 1960.
Increasingly close ties with British Motor Corporation (BMC) designer Alec Issigonis saw John Cooper recognise the motorsport potential of the Mini, which led to the development of the Mini Cooper in 1961 − and victory at the British Saloon Car Championships just one year later.

the racing sixties: no holding back.

Having developed a taste for motorsport success, the BMC approved the development of a sportier version of the Mini Cooper, with more power, uprated brakes and wider wheels. This new model, the Mini Cooper S, was to take the rallying world by storm: between 1964 and 1967, the Mini Cooper S was first past the post three times out of four, first with Paddy Hopkirk at the wheel in 1964, then with Timo Mäkinen in 1965 and "Flying Finn" Rauno Aaltonen in 1967. But for some dubious decisions the previous year, it would have even been four out of four: in 1966, the Mini team took first, second and third, only for all cars to be disqualified for apparent breaches of headlamp regulations.

a legend that's lasted for decades.

As the new millennium began, there was no let up in the success story. In 2000, John Cooper set up John Cooper Works (JCW), supplying MINI with tuning accessories after it hit the market in 2001. In 2005, the limited-edition pre-tuned MINI Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP Kit was presented at the MINI United festival, and was widely lauded as the "fastest road-going MINI ever". In 2007, MINI took over John Cooper Works and has since then launched several John Cooper Works models.
Motorsport-wise, developments have remained in the fast lane, too. The MINI John Cooper Works Challenge hit the MINI Challenge race circuits for the first time in 2004. And April 2011 saw the unveiling of the MINI John Cooper Works WRC − the first new MINI rally car for over 40 years.

Racing History

racing's in our blood.

Son of a mechanic, pioneer of the rear-mounted engine and founder of the Cooper Car Company, John Cooper had three Monte Carlo Rally titles and 16 Grand Prix wins to his name. That name lives on in the MINI John Cooper Works models. Ferocious, street-legal racecars bred for the track and rigorously tuned to the most exacting performance standards. Because just as it was a half-century ago, racing is in our blood.

birth of a racer.

In 1959, the first Classic Mini was introduced to Britain: an unassuming, inexpensive 4-person “saloon” that didn’t use up a lot of gas or take up much space. And though at first, some people didn’t quite know what to make of this quirky newcomer, other people began to get big ideas.


One of the gentlemen most intrigued by the Classic Mini’s racing potential was the legendary F1 car builder, John Cooper. Already famous for his unique, extremely successful rear-engine F1 designs, it was only natural that an auto company bold enough to defy convention by placing its engine differently (sideways) would impress him.

one spin was all it took.

Cooper immediately recognized that the same features that made the Classic Mini such an innovative people mover – a transverse engine, four wheels pushed out to the corners and minimal size – also gave the car incredible balance, an extremely wide stance and amazing agility. Just the attributes needed to turn it into a small, but ferocious racer.


And so, in 1961, with a few tweaks to the engine, a set of slightly bigger brakes, and a new contrasting roof to make it stand out in the pack, the Classic Mini emerged from the Cooper Car Company garages as the Mini Cooper.

a giant killer.

What happened next (much to the dismay of the competition) is that John Cooper’s grand hypothesis was proven correct. The Classic Mini Cooper and Cooper S went on to dominate the 1960’s race scene, winning almost every international competition imaginable, including historic wins at Monte Carlo in 1964, 1965, 1966 and 1967.* And a car for the ages was born.


john cooper works models.

adrenaline direct from the factory.

With an impressive range of equipment and their red exterior components, John Cooper Works models exude derring-do and decisiveness. An unconventional design and breathtaking performance guarantee thrills aplenty from the first moment you put your foot down.

tuning & accessories

for that athletic look.

john cooper works tuning & accessories.

mini sport seats.

poised for victory.

Getting the best position possible is the priority in any sporting competition. The best possible position in your MINI is guaranteed by high-support Recaro sport seats − however sharp the bend might be.

mini tuning kit.
mini sport exhaust. alimighty sounds.

Two chrome finishers, one common aim: to squeeze every last drop of power out of the MINI Cooper S. The twin tailpipe not only ensures improved exhaust-gas channelling, but also boosts sound and optics alike. Which guarantees a typically racy feeling − and typical head-turning glances, too.

mini tuning kit.
optimised engine management. for whippet-like acceleration.

Raises your heartbeat a notch or two: the tuning kit elevates the engine software to new performance levels. Which means improved reactions, sharper acceleration − and even more motorsport feeling for your MINI Cooper S variant.

mini tuning lit.
mini air filter. extra breath of high performance.

High performance − whenever you want it. The specially developed MINI air filter is the perfect companion for motorsport enthusiasts: an additional intake guarantees optimum performance in the high rev range of a tuned car. And what rounds off a perfect driving feeling better than a guttural engine sound? The air filter maximises the potential of a MINI Cooper S − and is also available separately.

mini diffuser.

For stability on any surface: the MINI aerodynamic carbon diffuser at the rear.

mini light-alloy wheels.

Shining example of greater individuality: MINI light-alloy wheels in XXL.

mini sport steering wheel.

One look at the cockpit will tell you just how passionate the driver is about motorsport.

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