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Forget everything you think you know about the MINI. We’ve spent the last seven years rethinking, redesigning and reworking every detail. Faster, safer and packing more connected than a switchboard, the new MINI is completely different from any other car out there.

Just when you thought we couldn’t possibly make the MINI any more exciting, we did exactly that. The new MINI Twin Power Turbo engines make the MINI faster and lighter on fuel. With the all-new MINI Driving Modes you can change the car’s driving characteristics, interior lighting and engine sound to match your mood. Pure driving thrills wrapped in lightweight materials.

exterior design.

MINIs come with dozens of body color options, from new takes on classics, like Deep Blue, to colors that demand attention, like volcanic orange. After you choose a body color, it’s time to really personalize your MINI with our contrasting roof option that provides a unique, two-toned design – a nod to our early racing days where it made it easier for spectators to pick us out of a crowd.

interior design.

The cockpit in the MINI 3-Door is more refined than ever, with additional dash and interior surface options and new, premium materials. Seats, too, have been redesigned with softer, more comfortable upholstery. The easy- to-read speedo is now in front of the steering wheel, and a set of sleek, refined switches sit nicely at the base of the dash. And our start button has been replaced with a glowing red start/stop toggle ignition switch. Flip it to begin satisfying those primal motoring urges.

the clever driving approach.

The new MINI is stacked with the best safety technology money can buy. From active safety systems that significantly reduce the risk of something going wrong, to passive systems we hope you’ll never need, but are great to have in case you do.

protection system.

We care about the safety of those around you as much as we do about yours. Active Pedestrian Protection System pulls the bonnet up to increase deformation room in case the MINI hits a pedestrian, reducing the direct force of the impact. Optical fibre in the bumper registers the collision, after which a sophisticated system of actuators in the hinge system takes the appropriate action in a split second.

video adaptive cruise control.

With the all-new Adaptive Dynamic Cruise Control you can kick back and go with the traffic flow, even when the roads are busy or when you’re traveling downhill. A camera detects vehicles driving in front of you up to a distance of 120m. It also recognises static objects and even pedestrians. The system automatically adapts your speed to that of the traffic in front of you. Feel free to take back control at any time by applying the breaks or stepping on the accelerator.


In the event of a crash, the MINI turns into a padded safety cell in a heartbeat. Based on the direction of the impact, the relevant airbags are deployed. There are six in total in the front and back. For side-impact protection and to protect you against flying glass, the new MINI comes with side curtain airbags. Knee airbags put up a lightning quick barrier between your legs and the dashboard. Last but not least, the seat belt tensioners lock you tightly in place, keeping you and your passengers clear from the dashboard and front seats.

run-flat tyres.

No more blowouts or dangerous road-side emergency repairs. With the optional run-flat safety tyres you can keep on driving to a place where you can safely change the tyre in case of a puncture.

high-tech steels.

High- and super-high-strength multi-phase steels. Super-high-strength heat shaped steels. If that doesn’t sound like something that could protect you, we don’t know what does. Reducing weight to a minimum, but increasing strength to a maximum these heavy-duty materials are designed for one purpose only: keeping you safe in the event of an accident.

abs + electronic brake distribution.

With the latest generation of 4-sensor, anti-lock brakes a MINI helps you stop on a dime while remaining in complete control. MINI also comes standard with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) to automatically distribute brake force to different wheels depending on your MINI's current load and balance.

your network with you wherever you go.

Hook up your smartphone and say hello to the world. Maintain your social life on the go, get the latest en-route information and reach out to MINI should you need assistance. With MINI Connected you can do it all from the comfort of your sports seat. Already loaded with a number of innovative apps, MINI Connected is updated with new apps around the clock. The Centre Instrument is your window to the outside world. Get it in 6.5” or in a whopping 8.8” for the full experience.

Let us infotain you.

MINI Connected provides an endless stream of digital info- and entertainment. Follow your friends on Facebook, tweet about your travel destination or check in on foursquare when you get there. Stay up to date with the latest RSS news feeds, stream music from radio stations from all over the world with Webradio or look up the nearest pizza place via Online Search. With optional voice-control, you can even have your MINI read things out for you so you can keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. With more and more MINI Connected ready apps constantly being developed, your MINI Connected experience will get better with every kilometre you drive.

only in a mini.

A MINI isn’t just a car. It’s a MINI. That’s why the new MINI too, is packed with features you won’t find in any other car out there. The Driving Excitement feature is the easiest way to really amp up the fun when you’re taking your MINI for a spin. The Excitement Analyser, for instance, assesses how safely drivers can accelerate and steer the car, and how well planned their gear changes and braking can be. The MINIMALISM Analyser records driving data that will personally help drivers environmentally streamline their driving style in a way that's as fun to use as it is earth-friendly. While the analyser runs in the background, the driver and his driving style set the beat with the Dynamic Music feature, out of 13 exclusively for MINI designed tracks.

The Mission Control feature gives MINI drivers the ability to interact directly with their car. MINI will let them know outside air temperatures, or give them a friendly reminder to fasten their seatbelt and other situation-dependent messages. Your MINI finally has the character and personality you always knew it had.

mini connected xl journey mate.

The brand new MINI Connected XL Journey Mate assists you all the way from departure to arrival. Map out the fastest or most fuel-efficient routes, schedule events along the way (like buying flowers for your anniversary) and check the weather en route before you go. MINI Connected XL Journey Mate tells you where the traffic jams are and how to avoid them, reminds you to refuel and if you want, it can let your friends know you’re on your way. Not sure where to park? All you have to do is ask and MINI Connected XL Journey Mate will find the best parking locations near your final destination.

mini centre instrument.

The most eye-catching element of the interior has to be the all-new MINI Centre Instrument. It includes state-of-the-art entertainment and is available in two display variants. Access your media player of choice on the Radio MINI Visual Boost 6.5” screen with MINI Connected and Bluetooth hands-free kit for optimal safety (standard for Cooper engines). Our Cooper S engine comes with the Wired Package, which includes an 8.8” screen, the MINI Navigation system, MINI Connected XL, extended smartphone connection and touch controller.

head-up display.

Drive your MINI like a fighter pilot. With the head-up display (available for the Cooper S Red Hot), information is projected directly into your field of vision on a retractable screen. Speed, navigation, infotainment – the Head-Up display presents all to you in such a way, you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. Safe, practical and pretty cool, to be honest.

interactive led.

The interactive LED is a stylish visual aid that changes colour when events take place. It's also great to change the ambient light to set the mood for your next adventure. When you enter the car, the new MINI welcomes you with a green animation on the screen and the ring. Set the alarm and a red heartbeat-like light pulses to let you know your MINI is safely locked.

driving modes.

Decide with each drive what kind of ride you feel like having. With MINI Driving Modes you can switch to GREEN Mode to save on fuel or dial it up to SPORT Mode if you feel like burning some rubber. If you want the best of both worlds, just leave it on MID Mode and the MINI will be on its best balanced behaviour.

MINI Cooper 3 Door

mini cooper

Behind every great car is a great engine. Giving the MINI Cooper its strength is the all-new 1.5l 3-cylinder MINI Twin Power Turbo engine. Low in emission, but high in output it produces 100kW that give the light MINI Cooper its trademark go-kart feeling.

MINI Cooper S 3 Door


Bustling beneath the bonnet of the MINI Cooper S is the mighty 4-cylinder MINI Twin Power Turbo engine. Developed from scratch for the new MINI, it injects the MINI Cooper S with 140kW of pure unadulterated go-kart fun.

MINI John Cooper Works

mini John cooper works

The new MINI John Cooper Works is all about performance, but the engine has also been designed to operate as efficiently as possible. So even with 320 Nm of torque it still keeps emissions to a minimum.

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