sustainably mini.

The principle of MINIMALISM is a synonym for efficient production, economical cars and social commitment. It's a sustainable approach to what we think and do at MINI. For us, it means: fun with the product, fun at work, fun with each other. And for you: fun while driving.



less is more.

MINIMALISM means: the same fun using less fuel. Intelligent developments in the engine and innovative technologies make the MINI models remarkably economical and fuel-efficient. Ahead of the field: the MINIMALISM models.

high-tech product features.

driven by fun. guided by performance.

A MINI doesn’t ask for much. The on-demand components provide it with what it needs, whenever it needs it. Its automatic cooling and supply systems switch themselves on when required and then off again, all on their own. This reduces energy consumption: less fuel is needed, fewer emissions are generated.

All important engine components actively contribute to improving the energy balance sheet of the MINI. So too do its lightweight components and its new electronic and auxiliary systems.

intelligent assistance system.

don't worry. you're still the driver.

MINI knows when it's on to a good thing – for itself, for its drivers and for the environment. Intelligent technologies, such as the Auto Start Stop function and Shift Point Display, ensure that MINI drivers enjoy on-the-road economy. Yet that's not enough for a MINI. Of course not. A MINI wouldn’t be a MINI if it didn't strive for more. After all, it's all about saving energy with the right technologies in as many situations as possible – whether you’re accelerating, braking, turning or just simply standing still.

technology & construction.

a clever design. typically mini.

In a MINI, the heart and mind work in synch within one agile body. In tandem with economical technology and intelligent driving systems, the highly developed exterior design is the ideal framework for the typical MINI driving fun.

The sportiness of a MINI is due in no small part to its lightweight aluminium chassis components, with aerodynamic details helping to enhance all-round efficiency. In short: MINIMALISM in top form.



efficiency right down the line.

Starting at the research and development phase of a MINI, continuing through to design and planning and ending at production and logistics: what counts at MINI are sustainable ideas and sustainable action. In other words: MINIMALISM from start to finish.

the integrated paint process.

the ideal solution. solvent-free.

Things are looking bright: the MINI manufacturing facilities in Oxford employ an innovative and highly efficient spray technique. Compared with conventional methods, the integrated process requires one whole layer of paint fewer. The result is a three-fold increase in efficiency:
- Omitting the filler layer with its solvent content is good for the environment.
- The integrated paint process eliminates the need for an energy-intensive enamelling process.

Fewer working operations lead to savings in freshwater, meaning a lower energy demand and fewer emissions. This is how a MINI obtains its exclusive colour − while at the same time, demonstrating that, deep down, it's well and truly green.


want to make something of it?

Once it's reached the end of its road-going life, your MINI goes on to greater things. From the outset, MINI focuses on sustainable design, with recyclable materials and easy-to-dismantle bodywork. At then end, the car is more or less filleted – because the best bits are still needed. All pollutants are separated from the vehicle and the raw materials undergo sorting and reprocessing after recycling.



getting ready for the future.

MINI shows a high degree of commitment. Not only when it comes to sustainable manufacturing, but also when it comes to people. Because everybody should enjoy our products for a very long time. And have fun both on and off the road.

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