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With easy-to-use performance, entertainment and communication technology at your beck-and-call via the intuitive MINI Connected system, a MINI allows you to enhance your ride with the push of a button. So, whether you’re trying to plug into the world around you with traffic, weather, and location updates, or trying to get away from it by listening to PANDORA® and hammering through turns in different driving modes, our technology is designed to make your drive more convenient and fun.


mini connected.

What’s that high-def screen in the heart of your dash? It’s really just an intuitive window into all your favorite stuff. Bluetooth-pair your iPhone or Android device with ease, update your Twitter status, or just play your favorite tunes and web radio stations through a gorgeous, silky smooth interface. There are even apps like MINIMALISM Analyzer, Mission Control, Driving Excitement and Dynamic Music – which plays music to suit your current driving situation.


Ever wondered what a MINI sees when it’s tackling twisties and breaking new speed barriers? Stop wondering. The free iOS GoPro app now seamlessly integrates into the optional MINI Connected system, allowing you to control your GoPro camera right from your center console screen. So turn it on the road or turn it on your co-pilot for video proof of motoring’s effects on the inexperienced.


Did you know MINIs are the first cars to have PANDORA® Internet Radio fully integrated across all models? Which means when your MINI is equipped with MINI Connected and the free PANDORA® iPhone® app, you can pump all your favorite PANDORA® stations through your car’s stereo and browse them right on the dashboard display using your normal stereo controls.


The Navigation System adds an extra layer of innovation and control in your MINI. The beauty of our Nav System isn’t that every turn and route is clearly displayed on the gorgeous MINI Connected screen. Nor is it that you don’t even have to look at the screen when it’s dictating turn-by-turn directions. No, the beauty is that, on top of everything, you can get real time traffic updates and alternate routes for most major cities, so whenever possible, the time you spend in your MINI will be spent motoring, not idling.


We've teamed up with Spotify to give you access to all the music you'll ever need, right through your MINI stereo. Just connect the free Spotify iPhone ® † app to your optional MINI Connected system^^, then...voila! Over 30 million songs at your fingertips. Plus, customized playlists for any occaison, endless music exploration through Spotify radio, and the ability to create new playlists.

park assistant.

How do you make parallel parking a MINI even easier? You teach it to park it itself. This optional premium technology uses ultra sonic sensors to size up a potential parking spot to make sure your MINI can fit. Then, if there’s room to squeeze in, the system will partner with the Park Distance Control to take over and steer the car into place. All you have to do is work the gas and brake when the system prompts you.

head-up display.

Sure, you don’t need an innovative Head-Up Display (HUD) to feel like you’re at the controls of a jet on wheels, but we’re offering you one anyway. Flip the toggle on the dash and the optional full-color HUD snaps into action, letting you keep tabs on your speed, navigation and other important info without ever taking your eyes off the road ahead.


With MINI's simple-to-use Bluetooth® hands-free phone system, you can control your phone with your steering wheel buttons. It can even give you address book capability with certain phones.

usb/aux port.

An integrated USB port is included to connect your digital music player directly to the vehicle's audio system. Connecting via USB lets you select and change tracks easily using the steering wheel controls.

speed sensitive volume.

Our standard 4-speaker (for Cooper models), and 6-speaker (for Cooper S models) audio systems come with an incredibly helpful little feature called Speed Sensitive Volume Control. When you slow down, the audio system's sound will automatically get quieter. Speed up, and the volume will get louder to help overcome any increase in road or engine noise. Of course, you can also turn this premium feature off whenever you like.

hd radio technology.

Yet another standard feature that keeps us at the head of the pack. HD RadioTM is to radio what HDTV is to TV, so it’s good to know that your car is equipped for the future AND can take advantage of the best technology available today.

siriusxm satellite radio.

Our optional 12-month subscription to the Sirius All Access Package includes over 140 channels of commercial free music plus sports, news, talk, comedy, entertainment and more. Plus, over 160 channels of SiriusXM Internet Radio. So you can get great satellite radio entertainment wherever you go - on the road, at your computer or even through your smartphone or tablet.


Understand, our standard 4-speaker (for Cooper Models), and 6-speaker (for Cooper S Models) systems rock, and rock hard. That’s because, in typical MINI fashion, we had to see just how far we could push things. So, we partnered with Harman/kardon and developed a 12-speaker System with an intimidating 410 watt output. The 8-channel Digital Sound Processing amplifier powers five tweeters, 5 mid-range speakers, and 2 Central Bass speakers hidden under the front seat, for a sound as vibrant as the Motoring experience itself. And the 5.1 surround sound system is specially tuned to each MINI model’s interior, creating optimum acoustics and true-to-life sound profile with better balance than your yoga instructor.

park distance control.

It’s the cure for “Parkus Parallelus Phobias” and backing over things. Our optional Park Distance Control uses ultrasonic waves emitted from sensors in the rear bumper to measure the distance between the car and any objects in its rearward path. When the car gets within five feet of an object at least as tall as its rear-bumper, a beeping sound issues a warning. As your MINI gets closer to the object, the beeping intervals become shorter, until a full tone tells the driver that the car is about a foot from the object behind it. Then, you stop backing up and triumphantly avoid having to pay your insurance company a deductible.

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